ASA Quality Services OÜ Estonian

ASA Quality Services OÜ provides software quality and testing services

Our mission is to be a professional partner in the field of software quality. Currently our team includes 23 highly experienced specialists, offering the services of quality management, software process improvement and software testing, but also consultations and trainings in the areas mentioned. The majority of our specialists are ISTQB® Foundation Certificate in Software Testing certified which is becoming widely recognised standard for evaluating testers' competence and working procedures.

Our customers are and have been software development companies as well as development purchasers. We have extensive experience both in the Estonian as well as the European market.

ASA team has been trained in Belbin Team Roles by certified trainer Mats Soomre.

Latest news

A Little Christmas Farce
The first of us to arrive at work discovered a trail of gingerbread leading to the kitchen. Also, someone had planted a forest of gingerbread trees in the meeting room. We checked the security tapes and something seemed a little ... off.

ASA Quality Services launches software development board game!
In the midst of our frantic preparations for Nordic Testing Days (NTD), we realized (as we have often realized before) how difficult it is to explain the importance of testing to ... just about anyone, really. We thought about it, then thought some more. Finally we came up with this: Why not create a board game?

ASA Quality Services has been awarded with Successful Estonian Company 2008 award

On September 17 2009, Experian, European leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services has awarded ASA Quality Services with Successful Estonian Company 2008 award. Experian has rated ASA with AA (very good). Rating AA will be given approximately to 10% of the Estonian companies.

ASA Quality Services became a meber of Estonian Defence Industry Union

On April 15 2009 the board of EDIU accepted the application for membership of ASA. EDIU was founded with the aim to improve the cooperation between Estonia and NATO in research and development. EDIU consists of leading infrastructure, manfacturing, research and development and strategic services (including IT) companies to provide full range know-how for different NATO projects.